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    Before and After



    I am 97 years old and I live in Hollywood California. I called Gary because my daughter was seeing him and she just raved about him and the changes he was making in her posture. So, I made appointment and flew in to see him. While he was evaluating my posture he asked me what my goals were for the rest of my life. He surprised me, I said I just wanted to be able to reach for things on the top shelf in the kitchen and he said, “That’s it?”  I said, “Well no, I would like to play golf again.”  Gary said, “Vern, let’s dream big! Would you like to start dating again?”  I said, “Yes, that would be nice”, and we both got quite a chuckle out of that. I want you to know we had a lot of work to do, I was 97 years old! I saw Gary 4 times that week while I was in Utah and then I went home, did the exercises and stretch’s he taught me for about 3 weeks and then, I would go back to Utah for another week and work out with Gary, then back home for another 3 weeks. I saw Gary 12 times. Today, I exercise 30 min every day, I am playing golf, dating and can reach up and take things of the top shelf in the kitchen. Life is good.