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    Before and After



    I am a computer nerd and make great money at it. My back and neck hurt so bad I had to lay on my back to work on my computer all day. My wife heard about Fitworks and how they correct your posture so, she started meeting with Gary and she had such great results. I wanted to meet him for a posture evaluation, too.  Gary explained to me in detail why I was feeling the way I did. He said he could correct my posture and take all my pains away, and I would start doing things I hadn’t done in years.   I started to meet with him and he made exercising fun and educational. For the first time in my life I got really excited about exercise. I had a forward head, hunch back, curvature, S  in my spine, flat low back and bowed legs. I did not think those things could be corrected. I thought I was born that way and it was something I needed to accept. Let’s get to the point- in 4 sessions my low back pain was gone, I started doing things around the house; mowing the lawn working in the yard, washing the cars, I was coming alive. I started sitting in a chair at the office working on my computer and to top it all I was looking good! People started saying things about my physical appearance. I had never been noticed before, I like this new life- it feels good!  After Gary made my posture perfect and all my pain was gone, I kept up with the exercises at home so, I’m now working out with all my kids and my wife now we have become a fitness family! Who would ever believe that? Well, you should see us, we are fit and our posture is perfect.  Thanks Gary, I will never forget you.