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    Before and After



    I was I4 years old when I saw Gary, today I am 22.  Gary asked me to write a review after all these years to tell about my success. The left side of my back was so large it pulled my spine far to the left and hardly any muscle on the right. I couldn’t play any sports, I was skinny, dorky, and uncoordinated. I had pain in my rib cage, pressure at the sternum and it hurt to breathe. Getting up fast I was light headed. I was so weak I couldn’t sit in a chair by myself. Forward head, hunch back and bow legged.  My first session with Gary, the pain in my sternum and spine went away; I turned to him with a big smile on my face and said, “It feels like you are unwinding me!” My parents paid for 36 sessions with Gary. We  couldn’t pay for any more sessions. My mom and dad had divorced, and we had a lot of kids in our family. But Gary and I made great progress- we almost got me perfect. I was going in the right direction. Gary told me not to worry about it and he drew some stick figures showing all the exercises I still needed to do.  He even put together an exercise band for me to work out with. I was happy for that because I had learned enough from him I could finish up my posture. And I did. All the joints in my body are all lined up and I feel great. Gary said years later it was working with me that inspired him to write an exercise book with exercise tools so people could work out at home.