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    Before and After



    I am a 27 year old Registered Nurse. My Doctor diagnosed me with scoliosis, a C shaped spine. I have had this since middle school; all this time I have a lot of back pain. My posture was not great- I slouched quite a bit. My head was forward, hunch back (known as Kyphosis), swayback (lordosis). I even had plantar fasciitis, a fallen arch.  I started working with Gary and within weeks I was developing and strengthening muscles to straighten out my spine. The exercises felt really good, like I was being unwound. I don’t have any back pain any more. My spine is straight, my head is lined up, upper and lower bank is perfect, I am standing up straight, and I have no pain on the bottom of my feet! My body changed just like Gary said it would. I have perfect posture, I’m pain free and I look thinner. I am so grateful I was able to work with Gary. I would recommend the Fitworks program to anyone.