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    Before and After



    I called Gary on the phone and we talked about my issues. I was in real pain and I was desperate. I have been to Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapist-- No one knew what to do. They had no answers and their treatments didn’t work. I couldn’t sit in a chair without my hips, shoulders and neck, just killing me.  Gary said we should meet- that he couldn’t answer all of my questions without seeing me. We met for two hours, gathering all the information and talking about what needed to be done to solve the problems. We talked about building specific muscles and over-all stretching. So, I bought 24 sessions and away we went. The first session left me feeling a positive change. On my forth session with Gary, I felt the pain in my neck and shoulders cut in half.  By my 19th session I could sit down pain-free! I was back to playing golf again and my game changed! My handicap dropped by 3 and I was hitting the ball 40 yards farther. I got on a county recreational basketball team and I felt good…like “younger”! This is amazing! I am in a new body. Gary, thanks for putting me back together. I will tell everyone about you.