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    Before and After



    I’m 85 years old, over-weight and out of shape, but don’t tell anybody. My husband passed away, but I had a lot to do, places to go and people to see. One day I was on a trip and found myself not being able to walk the tour. That was a problem because I go on a lot of trips and if I can’t walk any more, well I need to fix that right away. So, I started talking around with my friends about what to do and my nail tech mentioned Fitworks. So, I gave them a call. Gary did a posture evaluation and found that I had knocked knees. My knees touched and my ankles were 6 inches apart! I had a fallen arch in both feet and it felt like I was standing on a nail, which really hurt. I had some other things that Gary worked on but the big thing was I needed to walk. By the time my 24 sessions were over, my legs were perfectly lined up, my feet well he built my arch so they didn’t fall in any more so no more ‘nail’ pain, my flexibility has improved really and I’m back on my trips and walking on all the tours. You should go see Gary, he is a fun conversation.