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    Before and After


    Lee Ann

     I Have Had hip, neck, and back pain for 50 years. My husband and I came to see Gary and Sherry for a posture evaluation, because our grandson had some real back pain and was thinking about surgery, he went to Gary and Sherry at Fitworks and they kept him from doing back surgery, he kept playing his sport. The story is a good one, every family gathering he would talk about Fitworks. My husband and I prayed about Gary and Sherry and then we knew that they could help me.
    The evaluation taught me about a lot of things I had going on with my body, a forward head, hunch back, sway back, my left hip kept going out all the time and my spine was pulling to the left. I had one major challenge, though- I hate working out! Hate it! Sherry and I worked together and we had a great time. She made exercise fun and she always talked about positive things. We talked about health, proper nutrition, and every time she stretched me it felt so good. Sherry corrected my posture perfectly and stabilized my hip. I even lost body fat at the same time; it was 10 pounds. Here is the surprising part, which shocked me…my bladder incontinence problem seemed to have vanished!  I didn’t need to wear my Depends briefs anymore!!  This was the best investment I have ever made for me and my health. I miss you guys at Fitworks and will never forget you. Thanks, Sherry!