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    Before and After



    I drive a truck all day and my back got so bad I quit my job to stay at home at age 50. That’s too young to throw in the towel, but pain is pain and we had no insurance for surgery. So, my wife needed to bring the money in, and she started talking to her friends about my problem. Two months later her sister had met with Gary at Fitworks and wondered if that was the solution for John. After my evaluation I found out I had much more going on than back pain. My head was forward about 45 degrees, I had a hunch back that stuck out 4 inches too much, I had knocked knees and outward feet- way out, I walked like a duck- and my hip pain was SIJ some joint in my hip and it was really creating havoc on L4,5.  Gary said he could fix the problem and I would be back to work in 6 weeks. I said, “Can you guarantee that Gary?” He said, “John it’s not if we will fix it, it’s when…it’s the time I wonder about”. He said if I did the exercises he was going to teach me to do, it could happen faster than that. I figured since I wasn’t  working I’d just get up every day and do these exercises. In 3 weeks I was feeling so great I felt cured but Gary said, “Let’s finish the 12 sessions and really stabilize your left SIJ”. So we finished the sessions. I went back to work driving truck. Here’s the really great thing-- I always wanted to hike up Mount Olympus. Yes, it’s been a dream of mine all my life. The other day I did it and I was pain free! At age 50 I went to the top of Mount Olympus and down again with no problems. I got my life back. Gary…you know how to do it.