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    Before and After



    Gary asked me to tell my story. I was a beautiful woman when I was young, today at 80 years old I still look really great for my age but I have some muscle imbalances I have picked up along the journey of life and they are embarrassing to me because I like to look my best. My head is forward I have a severe hunch back and a flat low back, really flat and my left hip is sore all the time. My spine stuck out in the back from T6-8 about 1 ½ inches and I had a lot of pressure on my sternum. My weight is 110 pounds I keep my self-looking thin, but these imbalances, I didn’t know what to do. My older sister recommended Fitworks. I did 36 sessions with Gary, see we had to keep the resistance light and slow. We would work out for a ½ hour and ½ hour of stretching I had really tight muscles. We had a long ways to go. I would ask to Gary, “Can you make me look 30 again?” And Gary would say, “Joanie that would cost a lot of money” and we would laugh together. Gary was always a gentleman; he always made me feel important. I was really out of alignment. My head still needs to go back 3 more inches but the rest of me is all lined up. I am 2 inches taller. I don’t have the curves of an old lady anymore. I have the curves of a sexy 30 year old woman. Thanks Gary for giving me my sexy back!