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    Before and After



    When I walked into the Fitworks office door for the first time at age 70, I walked with a walker and I had so much pain in my body it was  hard to do anything anymore. My wife was afraid she would have to put me in a care facility because it was too hard for her to care for my needs anymore. I was a very active hard working man all my life on my farm, I felt trapped in this stiff, painful body. Then I met Gary. He said jokingly, “Wow, Don! Rigamortis has sit in!” I had a lot of imbalances; hunch back, forward head was 50 degrees forward, flat low back, right SI Joint was out all the time, my feet went outward, dropped shoulder and hip, and my spine was pulled to the left. I was a mess. We had a lot of work to do. After 24 one hour sessions I was perfectly lined up and 2 inches taller. My flexibility greatly improved, too. I’m still working on that every day; it’s become a daily thing to stretch. And that walker?  I didn’t need it after the second visit with Gary. I would recommend the Fitworks program to everyone.