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    Before and After



    As a plumber and 25 years old I couldn’t work anymore than about 4 hours a day because my back pain was so bad. I was working on a job one day and noticed that the cabinet guy and the counter top guy were moving around pain free. It shocked me because these guys had complained about their backs all the time and now they were feeling nothing. I said, “OK… tell me what’s going on.”  They said, “What?” … “With your back pain”, I said. “Oh, you need to go see Gary.” …Like it was no big deal and they went back to work.  I said, “I need to have his number…to call him!”  When I met with Gary he said it was so easy and simple to fix, like putting two pipe ends together.  So, we went to work and in 6 hours of exercise I felt no pain in my lower back. One day I was feeling so good I jumped of a 6 foot wall and on the way down I was thinking, “This is going to kill my back!” and I hit the ground feet first and I was amazed because I felt no pain! Gary had to talk me into finishing the 6 sessions that were left, because I felt so awesome I thought I was done. You’re one of the good guys Gary, THANKS.