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    Before and After



    When I was 20 years old I had a landscaping business. I was aerating a lawn- sitting on the machine- and was going along on a 45 degree angle, holding onto the handles trying to keep the machine from tipping over on its side. Suddenly, I heard this loud ‘pop’ and down I went and the machine rolled over. That changed my life. At age 36 years old I literally have been to every specialist there is. I have spent $30,000 dollars of my own money on this problem. I would have easily spent $200,000 dollars to fix this if someone could take this pain away from me.  I’d get online every night searching for the answer and got nothing. I read a lot of books to try to find my own answers.  I prayed about this, it’s put me on my knees every night. Let me tell you a little about what was going on with me. After meeting with Gary I had some real answers for the first time in 16 years. Yes, I had a forward head, but my real problem was my hips- the SIJ sacral iliac joint. My left side was moving more than the right side but both were moving… the hip and sacrum was shifted to the left and the right SIJ had a space between the Sacrum and the Ilium or hip. The Adductors were contracting all the time- it was so painful that it brought tears to my eyes. My spine was pulled to the right and then the side view convexed outward a ½ inch at T8 – T11 and a past doctor had told me about the degeneration of the disc at L4, L5. Gary and I talked for 2 ½ hours about how to build specific muscle groups to line-up and stabilize the joints and what muscles to stretch.  When I started my sessions we worked hard together and I would start to feel my pain subside, this would give me hope. I want you to know Gary was very patient with me… we had long debates every session. He made me his last appointment at the end of the day so we could talk. Every session my pain would get less and less and then one day, I would hurt again, then would doubt if it was going to work.  I would get in to deep debate with Gary again and he would say to me, “Danny, it’s not if we solve this problem it’s when. So I would work even harder at home doing all the exercises Gary taught me.
    Today all of my pain problems are gone… what a relief! Life is good, at last! Just a note; Gary and I really worked hard and wore each other out in the process, but we did it, and that’s what counts.