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    Before and After



    The doctor said I had scoliosis. My wife and I prayed about this, what to do and the next day we met Gary at our church. He said to me, “Cliff I want to see you at my office for a posture evaluation this week.” I said, “OK”. At 85 years old I walked into Fitworks depending on the use of a cane, hunched way over with a flat low back, my spine was pulled to the left, the muscle on the left side of my back was huge, I would say 3 inches thick x 3 inches wide and no muscle on the right side of my back. Gary said it was no problem, all we need to do is build some muscle and stretch muscle. Well after 24 sessions with Gary one time a week and 24 sessions at home. I’m proud to say my spine is perfectly straight, I went back to the doc for a follow up visit, he said my spine was perfectly straight, he was surprised about that. I am standing up straight my shoulders and hips are lined up I am looking good!  Now, I’m not perfect…my head still needs to come back about 3 inches (5 degrees), it was 45 degrees forward, I need to work on my flexibility and thanks to Gary I have the book and tools and I know what to do to finish up my posture. I see Gary every Sunday and he is keeping an eye on me.