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    Before and After



     I am the mother of 4 boys. My husband and I are very active, we are fitness health nuts. At age 38 I realized I couldn’t run anymore because it hurt my knees too much. My neck and shoulders were sore all the time and my hips; the muscle was so tight around my hips. I had bowed legs and sway back. My boss at the office saw that I was suffering each day and he said I needed to go see Gary. I met with Gary and as I listened to him explain how he just needs to build specific muscle groups to line up all the joints in my body and all of the pain would go away, I thought this guy could fix me. He could put me back together and I would be able to run and be active again. After 24 hours of exercise I’m running again and my body feels great. Funny thing my husband can’t keep up with me anymore. Thanks Gary for giving me my health back.