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    Before and After



    I came in to gather information for my husband.  Gary and Sherry both helped me with my posture evaluation.  I found out that I had a lot more going on with my body than I had anticipated, let me list off a few of my problems; forward head, knocked knees, right SIJ, hunch back, sway back, ankles fall in, very stiff muscles all over.  When I told them about my husband, they made an appointment for his evaluation, too.  Long story short, we both purchased 24 sessions each and we came together to work out with Gary and Sherry.  I was so excited to watch my husband “unwind” before my eyes!  And I didn’t realize I would lose weight and get my cute little shape back.  I remember telling Sherry one day about how much I didn’t like doing my forward head exercises, so I waited until right before bed to do them.  She asked me why.  I told her, “Because, after I do my forward head exercises, I can’t see out of my glasses for the rest of the day! I had to hunt down a 20 year old pair of glasses just so I could see and I hate those glasses!”  Sherry was amazed and pointed out to me that that was a GOOD thing!  It showed that my forward head was so forward that the disc in my neck were putting pressure on nerves that obviously go to my eyes and help with my vision.  I never would have imagined that!